Small and Growing Business Solutions

Passion and pure grit has probably played a role in your growth and development as a small business.  Now you are facing the opportunity to grow and prosper but in order to move to the next level of business growth not only does your business need to up-level… so do you as a leader.  MaxPotentials is passionate about supporting small and growing businesses in their success.  As a compassionate catalyst to your growth and success, we partner with you to build capacity from within.  We understand the challenges that you face and have designed programs that are as flexible and responsive as your own organization.

Catapult your Business Expansion Program

The Business Catalyst Program offers you solutions that are designed to achieve massive results without massive costs. I have developed a consulting program that brings the most effective, evidence-based techniques for organization effectiveness to your business in a value added manner.

The Business Catalyst Program can include many of the following results:

  • Increased profits
  • Predictable and managed work flow
  • Clear decisions on priorities that are shared by team members
  • Increased commitment and accountability so you don’t have to do everything
  • More proactive actions and fewer crisis management
  • Stability and predictability but also agility and resources

People Development

Your organization is built and will grow through the people in your organization.  As your business grows and changes, the skills and competencies of your people must also grow.  MaxPotentials works with organizations to identify current and desired leadership and management behaviors that are necessary for your business to continue to thrive in the future.

  1. Leadership Development: Effective leadership is fundamental to the success and health of an organization.  Developing your leaders’ and your own leadership strengths is essential to the long-term competitiveness of your business.  Leaders today are required to inspire a shared vision for the organization, invest time wisely in high-value activities, engage employees in a dynamic and positive manner and adapt to a constantly changing environment.
    1. Benefits to our clients:
      1. Develop the leadership skills that align with your strategic vision and mission
      2. Optimize productivity and profitability
      3. Improve employee engagement
      4. Increase customer satisfaction
      5. Promote flexibility to meet changing business environment
    2. MaxPotentials works with organizations to develop the learned leadership skills necessary to enhance business today and optimize skills for tomorrow. We do this by:
      1. Coaching
      2. Training
      3. Succession/Workforce Development Planning

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Building Powerful Teams

Teams that work well together make better decisions, leverage their resources, and demonstrate greater creativity and adaptability.  On the other hand, dysfunctional teams often make poor decisions, drain organizational resources and, reduce both productivity and employee morale.  Building powerful team is an active process that requires communication of vision, engagement of team members, management of process, clarity of scope and roles, and development of relationships.

  1. MaxPotentials
    1. MaxPotentials works with teams and team leaders to assess the current team dynamics and deliver strategies to build powerful, productive, and resilient teams. This results in teams that work well together, get more done, make better decisions, leverage their resources, and demonstrate creativity and adaptability.
      1. Team Assessment – Gain insight and clarity about your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Develop an understanding of where your team needs to improve and a shared action plan for achieving agreed upon goals.
      2. Team and Individual Coaching
      3. Training
        1. Keys to high performing teams
        2. Encouraging creativity in teams
        3. Team building for high performance
        4. Decision making for teams
        5. Developing Effective Conflict Management Skills

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