Just call me Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman).

I have a hero complex – I recently recognized that this archetype is alive and well in me. I go to heroic heights and will create them if they don’t exist because I feel like nothing if I can’t be in save mode. That is a problem to a happy, joyful, peaceful, and abundant existence.

Am I alone here? My favorite show growing up was without a doubt Wonder Woman – I adored Linda Carter and wanted to be just like her. It was followed up closely by Emergency… I loved to imagine that I was one of the paramedics coming onto the scene and saving the day.

Well, not a lot has changed. I still love the thought of being Wonder Woman. I go to super hero levels to serve my clients, support my colleagues, build my business, and care from my kids. And, true to the archetype, I say yes to things that may or may not serve me or my strategic plan if I’m not careful. But ultimately my desire is to build a strong and sustainable business, provide massive value to my clients, and live a happy, joyful, peaceful and abundant existence. In order to do this, I must temper my super hero tendencies. Here are a few things that have helped and my help you:

  1. Create a clear and reasonable monthly plan with prioritized goals.
  2. Meditate each morning. I wake up an hour before my getting lunches for the kids and the morning scramble to read an inspiring poem, book, or article and then meditate. My meditations started at 5 minutes long and have reach a maximum of 20 minutes but anything helps me get grounded for the day.
  3. Write my script of the day. After I meditate I write out how I want the day to flow. This is not a to-do list but rather a description of the most important functions of the day and how I want to feel as I perform those functions.
  4. Start each day with gratitude and just three things I want to happen that will make the day magnificent.
  5. End each day with a reflection of what happened that made the day wonderful and what I would do different.

These five steps have created a sense of ease and accomplishment that surprisingly feels very heroic without the drama of the bad guys!