MtEverestSome friends of mine were sharing the story of their hike to Base Camp of Mount Everest. It was a wild story and fascinated me on two levels.

The first from the personal level of adventure and hard work; it sounded like a grueling but exciting adventure.

The second was how their description of their adventure related to my own experience of business ownership. They shared that they first flew into Kathmandu and then on to Lukla resting and acclimating for a few days each place. Then their actual trek began. While they were climbing quite a distance, each day was one of simply taking one step and then another with very little sense of great forward movement or of a climb. During the entire journey, they could not see Mount Everest and in fact, on the day that they arrived in Base Camp they realized that in order to actually see Mount Everest (even after reaching their goal) was to hike for yet another day to a peak above Base Camp. From that secondary location they were able to see the peak of the epic mountain.

This story mirrors many of the journeys we take as entrepreneurs, especially as we grow our businesses. There we are ascending multiple peaks and descending into valleys and gulches throughout each year. There are a few key actions that we can take to ensure that we continue to move forward:

  1. Set a clear and compelling strategic vision for ourselves and our teams.
  2. Remind the team and ourselves of that clear and compelling vision over and over!
  3. Prepare – get the right people with the right skills and knowledge and mostly the right fit to your organizational culture.
  4. Don’t stop – you may need to pause in order to acclimate to new heights, to rest, and to recuperate but do not stop and don’t give up.
  5. Take a moment to celebrate and observe what you have accomplished.