Helping one million women build one-million-dollar businesses, one leader at a time.

MaxPotentials equips female innovators with the tools they need to lead their teams and create high-performance work cultures—without compromising their intrinsic strengths.

Helping women entrepreneurs grow profits with purpose & passion. Integrate feminine & masculine leadership to make the biggest difference that they can make.

We help women entrepreneurs with established businesses grow their business, build a team, make a bigger profit, and a greater impact in the world. They have high standards and big dreams.

Sound familiar?

The Problem

To lead a thriving team, you need a strategic growth plan tailored to your vision.

The pressures of owning your own business can force you to push aside your dreams, leaving you and your team without a clear business model. When income is spent simply trying to maintain, small business leaders can’t focus on the future. Small businesses don’t have the luxury of hiring entire strategy teams like larger corporations, leaving them with ineffective branding and haphazard growth plans needed to build their brand from the inside out. My passion is to democratize business tools and educate female leaders to use them to strategically plan and adapt.

“Until we equalize power, we won’t normalize our perspective.”

~Keirsten Taillon

You will fully realize your unique leadership potential when you are willing to break the traditional leadership mold.

When you compromise your personality or persona to fit a mold of masculine leadership, you limit your leadership potential. The traditional masculine corporate ideal of ruthless competition necessary to climb the ladder doesn’t allow for the much-needed feminine qualities to empower and energize all business leaders. I provide holistic consulting that equips you with practical, professional tools—without hiding who you are or compromising your values.

The Max Potentials Solution

MaxPotentials bridges the gap between big business and small business while balancing masculine and feminine leadership strengths. We channel the potential that exists in the feminine side of the business world to bring in a new wave of leaders.  

With personalized business consulting, leadership coaching, and professional training, you’ll achieve long-term solutions and realize your potential as a leader.  

  • Engage your potential as a leader without compromising your unique personality and strengths.
  • Establish the longevity of your business model from the inside out by building a foundation of confident, strategic leadership.  
  • Expand your business outcomes/profitability and sense of fulfillment through one-on-one leadership coaching.
  • Empower you and your team to take measurable action steps to achieve your goals.


Creating the most profitable, thriving business environment starts with leaders who understand their unique talents.

Create a Business Breakthrough

Learn the key challenges to growth and the top 3 things you can do today to grow your business!

Create a Business Breakthrough

Learn the key challenges to growth and the top 3 things you can do today to grow your business!

About Dr. Keirsten Taillon

I’ve been studying leadership for my entire career because I have a big goal: to help one million women build one-million-dollar businesses, one leader at a time. 

I have over 20 years of consulting expertise, combining my past experiences in the corporate world with my passion for supporting entrepreneurial growth. Since starting my business back in 2001, I completed my dissertation “Business Growth for women entrepreneurs: an applied project and program evaluation” and created my Strategic Business Accelerator and High Potential Women’s Leadership Program—all while raising my kids and serving clients. I’ve been invited to speak at CUPA Conference, South Bay Women’s Conference, FTB Leadership Summit, and many others.

I bring these experiences and passions into my coaching program to equip strong female business owners with essential tools needed to create life balance, motivate high-performance teams, and strategize long-term goals.

I believe that women who fulfill their potentials in business, life, and leadership will use their roles to heal the world. I’m passionate about teaching female business owners like you because I am you. I understand the limitations of corporate America, the dream to build something for yourself, and the challenge of balancing work endeavors and family life. 

I offer courses in three formats:  

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Self-paced strategic plan course
  • Done-with-you, collaborative strategic planning


Clients Say…

“Keirsten’s executive coaching, provided with compassion and empathy from someone who has herself been in executive leadership positions, has assisted me with developing the focus and clarity necessary to best serve and support my department. Keirsten has a comprehensive understanding of public service and the personal and professional attributes necessary to provide servant leadership at the highest levels in any organization. I would highly recommend Keirsten for any executive committed to challenging themselves to grow and develop as an individual and also as an organizational leader.”

Francesca Negri

Chief Deputy Director
Department of Toxic Substances Control

“I started working with Keirsten many years ago when I was a first line supervisor. I am now a newly appointed executive with a medium sized California state agency. Throughout these years, her coaching and advice has contributed to my growth to develop and refine the strength and quality of my leadership. I specifically have enjoyed and appreciated Keirsten’s commitment and her exemplary and keen ability to lean in and listen. I fully appreciate her support and guidance as I gain confidence to assert the effective leader I am today and the leader I strive to become tomorrow.”

Cindy Chiu

Assistant Deputy Director
California Department of Rehabilitation

“I have benefited from our coaching conversation. It has reminded me to focus on making improvements to my leadership style in a way that will maintain my authentic self, rather than trying to be someone else in order to be an effective leader. I have also been more mindful of the communication style I use with people, and how to package my messages more succinctly with a focus on the “need to know” information appropriate for the situation. I appreciate the feedback, direction and food for thought you have given me during our conversation.”

Amy G.

State Government Manager